14th International Congress of Crop Protection Chemistry

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Education on crop protection is key for a more sustainable future

June 20, 2017

The International Symposium on Crop Protection (ISCP) at Ghent University yearly focuses on the latest innovations in crop protection. For the 69th edition many international universities and some industrial partners, like Eastman, Clariant & Bayer, were present to share their vision on the future of crop protection. All agreed that new technologies and further research on crop protection are crucial to obtain a more sustainable agriculture. Professor Pieter Spanoghe, the chair of this ISCP, adds education and proper training to that list. He will also organize the IUPAC 2019 global congress on crop protection that will come to Ghent in May 2019. This four-yearly event can be seen as the Olympics in crop protection. The theme will be education, because future researchers, farmers and the general public need to be properly educated globally on the science and use of crop protection.